Vitamin C for Beautiful Skin

Vitamin C for Beautiful SkinWhether taken internally or applied topically vitamin C is for beautiful skin because it fights free radical damage and boosts collagen production. Vitamin C or ascorbic acid is an important nutrient that you should be sure to get enough of in your diet and an important additive to numerous skin care products because of its amazing anti-oxidizing properties, its ability to fight free radical damage, inrcrease collagen production, and brighten skin.

Vitamin C Repairs Your Skin and Keeps It Looking Beautiful

Hundreds of years ago sailors and the poor would suffer the effects of scurvy because they couldn’t get enough vitamin C in their diet. They would suffer sores on their skin and bleeding beneath it because their bodies couldn’t create enough collagen which is one of the body’s main connective tissues and firms the skin. Vitamin C also helps to repair the skin and is key to the formation of scar tissue.

Vitamin C Is A Powerful Antioxidant To Fight Free Radical Damage To The Skin

Ascorbic acid is famous for its antioxidant qualities that fight free radical damage in the skin. Free radical damage can be induced by sun exposure, smoking, use of alcohol and other enviromental contaminants. Not only is vitamin C a powerful antioxidant it’s also a pro-oxidant.

Fruits and Vegetables High In Vitamin C to Keep Your Body Healthy and Skin Beautiful

The US National Science Academy recommends 60-95mg of vitamin C daily. The  US defined tolerable intake of vitamin c is 2000mg per day maximum. You can take vitamin C supplements to get your RDA (recommended daily allowance) of vitamin C but we highly suggest eating healthy foods rich in Vitamin C instead.

Fruits High In Vitamin C (mg per 100grams)

  • Kiwifruit 90mg
  • Papaya 60mg
  • Strawberries 60mg
  • Oranges 50mg
  • Lemon 40mg
  • Grapefruit 30mg

Vegetables High In Vitamin C (mg per 100grams)

  • Broccoli 90mg
  • Brussels Sprouts 80mg
  • Kale 41mg
  • Cauliflower 40mg
  • Spinach 30mg
  • Potato 20mg

So if you want healthier skin and a healthier body don’t forget to eat a diet high in vitamin C or at least take some supplements. Also only a portion of the ascorbic acid you ingest makes its way to the skin that’s why you should add a product such as our Vitamin C Super Map Skin Firming Serum with ferulic acid to your skin care regimen. It will increase collagen, detoxifies cells, repairs sun damage, helps to even out pigmentation and will brighten your skin tone.

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