Skin Bleach Uses

Skin bleach has many uses, some people change their overall skin color lightening their skin by any number of chosen shades. Others use it to brighten dull, blemished skin. It is an increasingly popular choice of skin treatment to treat melanin disorders and uneven pigmentation levels. It is suitable for all skin types and colors, correcting imperfections and improving self-confidence.

Some Potential Risks

  • Possible allergic reactions to the product; ensure you do a test patch
  • Chemical burns; ensure you leave on for the time advised only.
  • Damage to eyes; use eye protection.
  • Prolonged use can cause very thin skin
  • Over use causes eradication of pigment, causing over white skin.
  • Over use can cause excessive pigmentation in some areas.

Research before choosing which product and strength is right for you. Always opt for a reputable product from a trustworthy company or a qualified professional.

Skin bleach Uses

  • Lightening liver spots, age spots
  • Whitening darker areas such as armpits
  • Balancing uneven skin pigmentation
  • Lightening dark spots caused by sun damage
  • Removal of freckles
  • Treating acne spot discolouration
  • Lightening genital & perianal discolouration
  • Lightening dark skin to a lighter tone
  • Treating melisma caused by pregnancy
  • hypo-pigmentation
  • Hyper-pigmentation
  • Discolouration caused by birth control pills
  • Reducing appearance of Scars
  • Lightening burn marks and birthmarks

Skin Bleach Products

With the huge variety of skin bleach products on the market today, it is worth researching your options before deciding on the correct procedure for your skin’s needs. You can go see a skin care professional or opt for equally successful at home treatment options, which are considerably cheaper. There are also various products created for specific body regions or for particular treatment options, such as overall lightening of skin tone, removing dark circles around eyes or for genital areas.

The History of Skin Bleaching

It is reassuring to know that this skin procedure has been around for centuries, providing safe and effective resolutions for a variety of skin maladies. In addition to skin lightening, skin bleaching is a common treatment for birthmarks and skin melanin conditions all over the world throughout history.

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